Larry Porter

Larry hails from Huntington, West Virginia and was bitten by the drum bug at an early age.  “I banged on every pot and pan in the kitchen.  Drove my family crazy,” recalls Larry.  “Got my first real kit at age 12, then drove the neighbors crazy.”

Larry’s playing has taken him from Huntington to Nashville, to Indianapolis,  Cincinnati, Raleigh and throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

“Throughout my playing career, from local bands to road bands, covers and originals, I have been fortunate to have worked with some very talented and very good musicians.”

“I was really excited to get the call from Dave to play on this project, and getting Nate to come on board was awesome.  We had a really good band    in Thermopyle.  I love Dave’s music and Nate is one of the best bassists I’ve ever worked with.  I really love playing in RELEK.”

Larry makes Greenville home, is an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran, and a huge Marshall fan.  “I am from Huntington you know.  GO HERD.”

Larry’s Gear

  • Pearl Session Series Drums

  • Sabian Cymbals

  • Evans Heads

  • Promark Sticks