Nate LePere

Originally from just outside Denver, CO. Nate moved to Raleigh at the age of 10. Playing trumpet in elementary and middle school, Nate switched to bass guitar in high school.  Playing informally around the area, then in various rock, punk, and alt. rock bands, Nate cut several vinyl press singles, and made radio and TV appearances with local band Servo.

In 2002 Nate and Dave formed Mighty Thumb, which later turned into Thermopyle as Larry joined the lineup. Thermopyle disbanded with Dave’s move to Myrtle Beach.

With Dave’s return to North Carolina, the trio formed RELEK as an all originals band.  In addition to playing bass, Nate is also the recording engineer for the band’s first full length album.

“Playing music with these guys again, these great friends, is just incredible.  Not everyone gets an opportunity like this in life and it’s something I truly appreciate.”

Nate is an avid outdoorsman, a patriot, and a die-hard Denver Broncos fan.

Nate’s Gear

  • Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass with Hipshot Bass Extender

  • Fender Precision Bass

  • Warwick Corvette $$ 5-String Bass

  • Kaluim Strings

  • LaBella Black Nylon Tape Wound Strings

  • Blackstar Unity Bass Amp

  • Darkglass, Keeley Engineering, Electro-Harmonix, Korg, Radial Engineering and Boss pedals.

  • Walrus Audio Aetos Pedalboard Power Supply

  • Recording and mixing gear:

  • MacBook Pro running LogicPro X

  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and 2i4 interfaces

  • Yamaha HS8 monitors

  • Shure, Audix, MXR and Audio-technica mics

  • Audio-technica headphones

  • Too many Waves plugins